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UK: Officials shut down an "illegally" internet cafe

2005-03-03 10:24:02
Cybercafe News
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UK,Edinburgh - A former video store which was "illegally" turned into an internet cafe looks set to be shut down by city chiefs.

Officials say the outlet in Saughton Road North was changed into a restaurant and takeaway without planning permission.

They have now recommended that city councillors order the Boomerang Internet Cafe to be closed.

Officials say that using the site as a cafe breaks planning guidelines which limit non-retail businesses from making up more than 40 per cent of a local shopping area.

In a report, head of planning Alan Henderson said the council had already refused consent for a takeaway and then a hairdressing salon on the site.

He said: "In spite of this refusal, the change of use has taken place. The cafe provides hot and cold food for consumption on and off the premises and is geared towards both takeaway food and eating in. In this frontage, six of the 15 units are currently in non retail use."

Councillors are expected to discuss possible enforcement action at a meeting set for Wednesday.

Source: Scotsman.com

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