Buenos Aires opens internet cafes for street kids

2006-10-01 17:10:50
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The government of the Argentine capital inaugurated the first "cybercafe" for children and adolescents who live on the street, the first of five of these facilities expected to open in the city.

More than a simple cafe with internet access or just a place where one can play games online, the new facility is a "learning and recreation" space to help better the living conditions of "these children that have lost almost everything," said Jorge Telerman, Mayor of Buenos Aires, during the opening of the cafe.
According to Spain's 20 Minutos, these cafes will offer, on top of internet access, recreational and educational activities, and light meals.

The idea for this project was supposedly born from data that showed that homeless children in Argentina spent 60% of the money they receive panhandling on cybercafes.

While on the surface it seems like a great idea -- providing internet access, and therefore access to information, education, and the world in general to these children -- my mind can't help but wonder why more basic needs aren't covered first, like a home, foster parents, meals and education.

Source: VivirLatin

: 'Buenos Aires opens internet cafes for street kids'




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