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Cybercafe.ru требуется администратор
Alex Vydrin
:2007-08-14 22:56:05

Проект cybercafe.ru ищет администратора для проведения работ по развитию ресурса - наполнению оригинальным контентом и модерированию форума. В обмен на часть рекламных площадей. Предпочтение отдадим действующим владельцам и администраторам интернет-кафе, разработчикам отраслевого ПО, имеющим возможности и способности для технического усовершенствования ресурса.

Why cybercafe\'s forums die?

:2004-12-06 11:03:58
: 34764

Although it may seem obvious that the lack of conversation here is a result of no active moderation, I believe a more significant cause is the changing face of the public access computer market. In the past, many saw cybercafes as an easy and cheap way to open their own business. Those people still exist today, but the pace of new faces entering this market has lessened and those coming onboard now are often more "business aware" than those simply jumping on board two or three years ago. I also run a discussion forum on the topic of cybercafes (http://www.pac-manager.com/forum/), and provide management software and business services directed at the cybercafes and other segments of the public access computer market. What we have seen there is very few people appear willing to discuss their business aspirations and ideas, but significant numbers still seek out information on entering this market. A few years back, the idea of opening a cybercafe or gaming center was cool and fiends and family got excited about the concept. Dismal failure rates of ill prepared cybercafes and the poor social image generated by a number of gaming centers has tarnished that optimism. Gone are the days when people can simply sit back voyeuristically and listen to the conversations of others. Today, if you want information and answers to your questions, you are going to have to speak up and voice them. And, though the number of responses will likely be less than in past years, most well worded questions will still receive valid responses.




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